Meet the Makers

The perfect cocktail, our team is a mix of contrasting yet complimentary ingredients. We are born from a deep knowledge of the cocktail world, from both sides of the bar. Bringing together top mixologist Dee with syrups expert Jem, developing quality drinks along the way.


Like a good Daiquiri, Jem likes to shake things up. He founded Bristol Syrup Company to bring the best of handmade syrups to cocktail bars across the country, and now he wants to bring these same cocktails into your home.

This is about making high-end drinks seamless and accessible to everyone, bringing the cocktails to the people, rather than the people to the cocktails.


Like a cocktail you’ve never tried before, characterised by creativity and experimentation, Dee is a mixologist who’s always pushing the boundaries of flavour.

Creator of Jinzu Jin, Dee has worked in Bristol’s top cocktail bars, picking up plenty of industry awards along the way and is also a founder of Bristol Syrup Company. Dee has created, tasted and tested our cocktails ensuring they taste as good as the ones she serves in bars.