Why Bristol? A Million Reasons to Love This City.

I personally decided Bristol was my dream city when I was 15.

My long suffering Dad would bring me here so I could watch some band or other. He'd drive me up, hang in The Hatchet until the end of the gig and then cart me back home whilst I shouted in the back of the car about how good it was.

I knew then that Bristol was the place for me. To my teenage self, living in a rural village, the city seemed so alive. Filled with people from all different walks of life, all going about their days. A lady in a tailored suit bustling past a boy practicing tricks on his skateboard. A group sat on the grass discussing politics whilst one of their gang nips to the shop for cider. Bankers, butchers, bartenders and bus drivers, all milling around. Surrounded by bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. No-one has to choose between Chinese and fish and chips here, there's a multitude of different cuisines to try.

When university was done and dusted and I decided that, unsurprisingly, fashion knitwear wasn't the job for me. I set my sights on a career in hospitality and Bristol seemed like perfect fit, so I moved. That was almost 11 years ago.

As an adult I still feel the same awe I did back then. Yes, I may sometimes take it for granted and the places I used to gaze at starry eyed can fade into the background of everyday life. But then something happens to remind me why I love this city so much.

There are so many experiences, so much to do. The summer is filled with back to back festivals. There's live music, street art, hot air balloons. There's so much food and so many drinks. The council shut roads so we can have street parties, or create a giant water slide. They light up buildings and organise concerts. There's riots and raves and almost always a fire burning on turbo island. But one of my favourite things about Bristol is the bar scene.

What's so great about it you ask?

For a relatively small city, it's crammed full of interesting places to grab a drink. Just like the wonderfully diverse selection of people who live here, the bars are beautifully varied. There's literally something for everyone - from serious whisky bars, to party bars and everything in between.

You can enjoy a classic cocktail perfectly made by someone in a waistcoat, something fruity and fun whilst the staff around you party or trounce your friends at darts with a whisky in hand.

There's pubs that have lasted for 100s of years and bars who mix drinks that smoke.

We have drag bars, roller discos and karaoke bars and if that's not your style there's bars where 3 pints will still give you change from a tenner.

The venues are unique, the bartenders are (mostly) friendly and you can walk from one end of the city to the other. What more can I say? It's why we're so proud to be able to call this city its home.

If all this talk of bars has made you thirsty, but you don't, can't or won't go out we're here for you. We created our drinks so you can have the Bristol bar experience from the comfort of your own home, you don't even need to live in this city.

Serve and enjoy delicious drinks without the cost and hassle of sourcing the ingredients yourself or wondering what you're going to do with a full bottle of blue stuff when the novelty has worn off.

With Bristol Cocktails, you get the perfect pour every time, you can look like a professional bartender by simply filling up a glass. So invite your friends round, open a bottle or two and open your own bar for the night!